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7 Tips When Considering a Deck or Outdoor Room

by ccadmin on July 28, 2012

There are a variety of ways to approach this new space and we’ve created a short list to guide you. But remember that we will partner with you in any capacity that you desire. We will design and build fully, we will collaborate with you on design ideas or just build the space you design yourself.

  1. Determine Use – Use a notepad to capture ideas about how the space will be used from entertainment to relaxation.
  2. Create Your Wish List – Clip articles and images that you like from magazines and catalogs.
  3. Review Your Home’s Style – Understand your home’s architectural style so that the outdoor spaces accentuate indoor spaces.
  4. Consider Fire and Food – These are key elements in every well-designed outdoor room. Position the fireplace as the focal point and then blend in the cooking and eating areas.
  5. Think Foundation – Stone patios, retaining walls, fences and decks are basic foundation elements.
  6. Consider Lighting – To extend the amount of time outdoors, consider lighting for pathways, water features or to accentuate landscaping.
  7. Take it in Stages – Decks and outdoor rooms are sometimes created in stages over time to accommodate large wish lists on limited budgets. Begin with a hearth product, define the grilling and eating areas, then accessorize over time.

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